Apparently Gabby is extremely drunk on my couch , we are watching movies. The guy is crying why did gabby say “awww don’t cry” 😐 I’m missing something here right?

You don’t love me , GOSH…. I’m so stupid for believing you ever did. kushmyash

Finally agreed to go out , nothing felt right like it does with him. Everything was compared to the way he does things and I hate it. Why can’t I just move on like he did? Of course , cause I fucking love him but you have her now.😔😥

finally storm is asleep after hours of playing with me & Annabell 😔 , hopefully I could get eight hours of sleep which I seriously doubt cause it’s 7:30 in the freaking morning.

I started to notice you don’t say I love you anymore , maybe it’s because you never did.
Beyond sick of fighting for people who easily given up on me.
My Nothing 👫💕

I love the idea of an “us”
You cause me to blush
Melting is a constant behavior
Just by hearing your voice.

Falling in love with you
Even when I’m a complete mess
Mushy little texts
The ones that make my heart beat incredibly fast.

Every relationship is give and take
Thoughts of losing you ….
Causes my knees to quake.

You’re a pain in my ass
I’m as annoying as they come
We balance each other out
Even through the storm.

No broken promises
No more tears
You’re giving me something real with every word your beautiful lips spill.

Everyday I find myself wanting
To be in your arms
Inhaling your scent
Singing sappy love songs
While laying on your chest ;)

I’m not always perfect but I plan to do my best
You’re knocking down every possible wall and bringing out my best
Everyday is a countdown
Draining for you to get home
Hoping that soon I’ll be in your arms.

Ready for our first kiss
Ehh, who knows
Maybe it would be beautiful
Just like your soul.

I don’t quite know how to end this
My book is full with notes
Just know your “Chicken Wing” loves you
But this story will never go untold.

You bring out my smile
The emotions I hide within
I’m happy I have you
Please give me forever
Just me & you.

*Lovely 💕🙊