A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because it’s trust isn’t in the branch, but in it’s own wings. Believe in yourself

OMG !!!! , I just noticed I followed him on tumblr & I’m uber excited 😻

A Soldier

I downloaded “tagged”
2 weeks is all it took
I allowed a soldier to steal my heart
Our memories are cranked inside of my notebooks.

Remember our first kiss?
I do perfectly
You stole it like you did my heart
Hmm now isn’t that funny.

GOSH, that week was beautiful
Even with a little rain….
A little snow hurt Marley
I think we both went a little insane 😔

It’s true everything must come to an end
Crazy cause I still feel the same
It would always be you
But at some point you let go
Then I instantly went numb

I thought you cared
I thought you gave me your all
I always gave you all of me
Yet you left & laughed
You say back and continue to watch me fall

What kinda man are you?
What more do you want?
You broke me heart already
Yet you keep dragging my name through the dirt

Don’t want to hear anymore
“I love you’s & your my world”
Cause someone you claim you love so much you’ll wouldn’t hurt them this bad.
So my question will always remain
Are you happy now?

So tell me was everything real?
Or was it all a lie….
Do you…….
Do you not realized how much pain you caused?

Lovely 👫💔😔

Apparently Gabby is extremely drunk on my couch , we are watching movies. The guy is crying why did gabby say “awww don’t cry” 😐 I’m missing something here right?

You don’t love me , GOSH…. I’m so stupid for believing you ever did. kushmyash

Finally agreed to go out , nothing felt right like it does with him. Everything was compared to the way he does things and I hate it. Why can’t I just move on like he did? Of course , cause I fucking love him but you have her now.😔😥